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      She spoke in the inflated style of the time, which belonged especially to the ranting, extravagant, theatrical phraseology of that strange collection of individuals who now held supreme power in the country so recently the most civilised and polished in the world.[Pg 185]

      The crowd assented with an ominous growl, and Taffy turned his attention to Norman.

      And how are you getting on with your studies? he asked.

      "God bless you, darling! I will never speak of doubt again. You are my own sweet wife, and shall be honoured and trusted to the end of my days. Thank God, the cloud is past, and we can be happy again!"

      He answered immediatelyYes, miss, she said, dryly. Its a matter of taste. She sighed as she looked at the dress, and Esmeralda took the opportunity to remark:


      "I'm afraid Major Disney won't care much about the old place. He is a native of these parts, and must have been here often in my father's time. I shall hope to receive you both, if I am here next October for the shootingbut there is no need to postpone your inspection of the house to the remote future. Come on the first fine morning that you have nothing better to do. Mrs. Mayne is always at home; and I am almost always out of doors in the morning. You can have the house to yourselves, and talk about ghosts to your hearts' content."


      Like all other nations, the English were horror-stricken at the crimes and cruelties going on in France, and exasperated against their perpetrators, more especially against the Duke of Orlans, who was regarded with universal hatred and contempt.


      Another time a certain M. de Comminges, who had been with him at the cole militaire, in reply to his question