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      "To tell the truth," said Arthur, after a moment's consideration, "I thought you came out of the sky."Lawrence modestly disclaimed the compliment. As a strong romantic writer he found a fascination in crimes of this kind; indeed, he boasted that practically all his living dramas were founded on life. He had a wonderful faculty for tracing the motive of a crime Many a useful hint had he given to Scotland Yard.

      "I'll tell you," she said. "I procured a letter of yours. I cut out words here and there, and made a long letter of them. Then I had the whole thing photographed. After that my task was easy, it was only a matter of time. Even from a child I always had a gift that way. If you will give me paper and pen I will show you."But it was only a vague idea at present. She forced a brave smile to her lips.

      "G-R-R-R-r-r-r-r-r," growled the Clockwork man. "WOWWOWcan't help itWOUGHWOUGHmost regrettablewowwowatavismtendency to returnremote speciesmoment's noticefamily failingdarwinismbetter in a momentsomething gone wrong with the controls. Therethat's done it. Phew!"I saw that I must act, and jumped on a chair.

      "Close with her," yelled Lawrence, "she's got poison in her hand."

      (1.) Name some of the principal points to be kept in view in preparing designs?(2.) Why should attempts at designing be confined to one class of machinery?(3.) What objection exists to examining references when preparing designs?

      I must not take that sort of thing amiss. Who knew with how much pain and how long he had been lying there, facing death, but fearing it too.235 At last someone came near, and he put all his hope in that man, but a hope that vanished. Yes, I can quite understand that a man in those conditions goes mad.


      CHAPTER LIX. LIGHT IN THE CORNER HOUSE."She can't want you half so badly as I do," Gordon laughed as he bent down and kissed the shy lips. "And that queer little creature will have to learn to do without you altogether before long. Four new patients today, Hetty. And I have taken the house in Green-Street."



      Aside from the cost or difficulty of obtaining ground sufficient to carry out plans for engineering establishments, the diversity of their arrangement met with, even in those of modern construction, is no doubt owing to a want of reasoning from general premises. There is always a strong tendency to accommodate local conditions, and not unfrequently the details of shop manipulation are quite overlooked, or are not understood by those who arrange buildings.We are told that when his end began to approach, the dying philosopher was pressed to choose a successor in the headship of the School. The manner in which he did this is289 characteristic of his singular gentleness and unwillingness to give offence. It was understood that the choice must lie between his two most distinguished pupils, Theophrastus of Lesbos, and Eudmus of Rhodes. Aristotle asked for specimens of the wine grown in those islands. He first essayed the Rhodian vintage, and praised it highly, but remarked after tasting the other, The Lesbian is sweeter, thus revealing his preference for Theophrastus, who accordingly reigned over the Lyceum in his stead.179