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      "'Why, I made it out,' said Bob Smiles, bold as brass."That seems all straight. Shorty," said Si, folding up the order, and putting it in his pocket.

      The army began to move out very promptly, and soon the 200th Ind. was called to take its place in the long column that crawled over the hills and across the valleys toward Murfreesboro, like some gigantic blue serpent moving toward his prey.

      of using them, either on herself or one of her shock-headed


      Wat and Abel looked in to see how Si and Shorty had fared. The jolting of the wagon and the cold night air had at first revived them so that they could speak. Then they swooned again from the effects of the heat and the stifling smoke, and were speech less and motionless when Wat and Abel looked in."May blow the bottom o' your old well out," muttered Jabe Clemmons, who dearly loved anything in the shape of a game of hazard.


      "I've never seed no union soldiers," said he. "The rebels come around here dressed all sorts o' ways, and sometimes they pretend to be union, jest to lay a snare for we'uns. They'uns all know I'm union, but I'm too old t' do 'em harm. Hit's my neighbors they'uns is arter. But, thank God, they'uns 's never kotched any o' them through me."