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      First.The power is connected to the hammer by means of the least possible mechanism, consisting only of a cylinder, a piston, and slide valve, induction pipe and throttle valve; these few details taking the place of a steam-engine, shafts, belts, cranks, springs, pulleys, gearing, in short, all such details as are required between the hammer-head and the steam-boiler in the case of trip-hammers or crank-hammers.

      "I am a Netherland jour...."

      As a rule, ornament should never be carried further than graceful proportions; the arrangement of framing should follow as nearly as possible the lines of strain. Extraneous decoration, such as detached filagree work of iron, or painting in colours, is [159] so repulsive to the taste of the true engineer and mechanic that it is unnecessary to speak against it."Then a frightful thing happened. The men had finished65 breakfast, some were sleeping quietly in spite of the thundering noise. The assault was expected to commence during the next night.

      161The unhappy man bowed his head trembling,247 and with dull resignation he left the office, strongly escorted.

      "Where is De Tijd printed?"



      A learner is apt to reverse this proposition at the beginning, and place time before skill, but if he will note what passes around him, it will be seen that criticism is always first directed to the character of work performed. A manager does not ask a workman how long a time was consumed in preparing a piece of work until its character has been passed upon; in short, the quality of work is its mechanical standard, and the time consumed in preparing work is its commercial standard. A job is never properly done when the workman who performed it can see faults, and in machine fitting, as a rule, the best skill that can be applied is no more than the conditions call for; so that the first thing to be learned is to perform work well, and afterwards to perform it rapidly.