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      Bury the woman and keep the child here, said a man. Weve as much right to her as that blamed Dogs Ear. What do they want with an orphan? They cant keep themselves, the blanked one-hoss place!Doctor Remy ended by pushing a dozen or more of tiny folded papers across the table. "Take one, in water, every two hours," said he, "till the symptoms abate,that is, of course, when you have another attack. There are enough for several occasions; I know you do not like to send for a doctor, if it can be avoided. At the same time," he added, "take care to drop those careless habits that I mentioned."

      "I did my best, Captain Martin, as long as I could give satisfaction," faltered Tabitha, growing very pale under this reproof.With an instant intuition of evil, Bergan sprang out of bed, and opened the door. "What is the matter?" he asked.

      After this there came a brief silence. Mrs. Mayne stood straight and prim behind the tea-table. Nothing would have induced her to sit in his lordship's presence, albeit she had dandled him in her arms when there was much less of him than of the cambric and fine flannel which composed his raiment, and albeit his easy familiarity might have invited[Pg 14] some forgetfulness of class distinctions. Mrs. Mayne fully understood that she was wanted there to set the stranger at her ease, and she performed her mission; but even her presence could not lessen Isola's shyness. She felt like a bird caught in a net, or fluttering in the grasp of some strong but kindly hand. She sat listening for carriage wheels, and only hearing the dull thumping of her own scared heart.

      I thought so, she said, thoughtfully. What is your name?Absorbed in these reflections, he had allowed his horse to choose his own pace, which had gradually slackened, from a gallop to a trot, and then into a walk, until, at last, he was easily overtaken by Dick Causton, in whose eyes there still shone a humorous twinkle.

      "One little trust more to be fulfilled," she says softly to herself, "and then my work is done, my long service of the family is over. My God, have I served Thee as well?"

      "I am not quick at reading riddlesbe so good as to tell me, plainly, what you mean."

      [Pg 175]


      She called to him from the window, and he came tramping across the sodden grass and put three letters into her outstretched hand.



      "I have persuaded Mrs. Smilt to allow of a witness to our transaction," said he. And he added, in a low tone, "The pair that I spoke of, are on the other side of the partition again; you can hear their voices, and satisfy yourself whether you know them or not."