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      When they stopped for a moment to breathe the Englishman said with frank admiration:

      The Deacon laid down the spoon with which he had been stirring the broth, and doubling up his mighty fist, placed himself between Groundhog and the kettle, and said:

      "O, yes. Jest give the order, and I'll get the boys and myself back home, sure's you're livin'."

      "Where's your shoulder-straps?"


      The trouble was, you couldn't depend on the woman to do anything. She meant exactly what she had said: "For the present." And who could tell what might happen later?


      He stood for a few minutes and looked at the grand display until the union batteries, satisfied that they had finally quashed the impudent rebel, ceased firing, and then he looked around.He came back to her. "Ithe alarm tripped off. This time they must have tried it through the front door, or a window. The last one must have tunnelled through"


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